Locating Equipment

  • STP “Pinpoint” locator
    • Multi-frequency
    • Omni-directional display for easy locating
    • Precision locator design
    • Lightweight and easy to use
    • Comes with soft case
    • Uses 3 C batteries – included
  • STP “Pinpoint” Transmitter
    • Multi-frequency to partner up with Locator
    • Comes with soft case
    • Batteries included
  • 512Hz Bullet sonde
    • Stand-alone battery operated sonde: for multiple uses
  • Rycom Pathfinder Locator
    • Need details
    • GPS enables with smart phone app for tracing and uploading subsurface utilites and integrating into a GIS system
    • Utilizes Recreational GPS technology for 1-3 meter accuracy
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