Locate while jetting – NEVER LOSE
another sonde!


The patented “Inline Jetsonde” was developed to be used in conjunction with most large sewer cleaning jetting systems on the market today. The rugged and unique design will assist jet truck operators who require the location of deep underground utilities when conventional CCTV equipment or traditional battery operated sondes are insu icient or unavailable.


Precision locate while jetting underground pipelines using the patented “Inline” design


  • Universal design for use with most cleaning nozzles*
  • Connect to any 3⁄4” or 1” NPT fitting
  • Easily attaches to hose and nozzle without special tools
  • Locate Jetsonde at depths up to 30+ feet

4 Frequencies to choose from: 512Hz, 33Khz, 8Khz and 640Hz

InlineJetsonde’s patented design ensures full
signal strength in any position within the pipeline
and eliminates the possibility of the sonde disconnecting


  • Quickly and easily interchange sonde modules for di erent locating frequencies
  • Uses standard AA batteries
  • Fully sealed sonde electronics and coil
  • Rugged carbon ber construction ensures maximum durability

Inline Jetsonde Standard Kit


Both kits include a large locking case for easy storage and transport of the equipment and accessories


  • Heavy wall steel sha – 3000psi working strength
  • Heavy wall coupler – 3000psi working strength
  • 1” NPT coupler
  • Optional 3⁄4” NPT coupler
  • Stainless steel end caps with set screws

Inline Jetsonde/Snap Track Pinpoint Locator Combo Kit


  • Carbon ber outer jacket
  • Fully sealed sonde electronics and coil
  • O-ring sealed battery compartment
  • Uses 8 “AA” batteries for up to 16 hours of runtime
  • 512Hz, 33Khz, 8Khz and 640Hz frequency options
  • Works in all non-metallic pipes and cast iron

Snap Track Pinpoint Locator

Accurately locate your Inline Jetsonde with ease

  • Precision multi-frequency locator
  • Omni-directional guidance feature
  • Pre-programmed for the sonde frequency of your choice
  • Additional frequencies available—easily activated through programming feature
  • 2 year standard warranty with 4 year extended warranty if registered online.
  • Optional 3W or 5W transmitter available for utility locating capabilities